Rolda Cosmetics - About Us

How did we get our start? 

Rolda Cosmetics began 30 years ago in Venezuela. Luigi, the brand and product visionary, saw an opportunity to pursue a future in the beauty industry which his family was involved in and to bring something new to it. Many of his family members worked in the beauty and care industry as barbers, stylists, and shop owners both in Venezuela and his family's home country of Italy. He saw an opportunity in creating a brand and products inspired by his heritage and market needs that in the following years would take over the market in Venezuela and later expand across Latin America and now, the United States.


What makes our products unique? 

Rolda takes a hands on approach to providing its customers with the products they need by working directly with barber professionals across various countries. We ultimately want to bring to life their needs with a product through Rolda's process by focusing on incorporating exclusive, masculine, & cologne-like fragrances, active ingredients & extracts to contribute added care and benefits to the customer or the barber's overall service, and all while following our slogan 'made for men, approved by barbers'.


Why do we love what we do?

For us at Rolda, fashion, style, and individuality are important values. We love being able to provide tools that help others in their pursuit of self-confidence and help them look and feel their best. 


Our Expertise:

Rolda is a professional and exclusive brand sold in over 12 countries. Our offered products are demanded by number of people who want to feel and look good, as well as, create products safe for both the hair and skin. Due to our years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge, we are able to develop and manufacture a grooming product for men, always by the hand of the professionals. Rolda has endlessly traveled to different shows around the world to interact and stay informed about the latest trends of the beauty industry. Our ambassadors work hard every show to demonstrate how our products work on various types of hair. We are proud to have created our unique fragrances for our products and in being a cruelty-free brand.