Rolda is

Made for Men, Approved by Barbers

Rolda takes a hands on approach to providing its customers with the products they need by working directly with barbering professionals across various countries.

We ultimately want to bring to life solutions for all men through Rolda's process by focusing on incorporating exclusive, masculine, & cologne-like fragrances, active ingredients & extracts to provide added care and benefits to the users or the barber's overall service, and all while following our slogan 'made for men, approved by barbers'.


Our after shave cologne tonic sprays are love by all.

Each cologne with its one sophisticated, masculine fragrance perfect for a quick spray making your presence known in the room or the ideal after shave product to leave you feeling & smelling amazing!

Try the sample 6-pack kit here.


Great Product & Smell!

I am a retired barber with 30 years of experience. Their products are great, I always recommend them to any indusrty professionals I speak to. They smell great and best part is the styling gels do not flake!! This is some the best product I have used.

Excellent Men's Products

All the products smell great. Each one has such a unique, masculine but subtle scent. I'm always looking forward to the next shave thanks to Rolda's shaving line. I highly recommend the Urban Shave Cream to anyone who shaves daily.

Love the Midnight Shave Gel

This shaving gel smells amazing! It has such a decadent, masculine scent which I have only found with Rolda's products. I use it daily and it makes my shave super smooth. The best part is how easy and mess-free it is to use.

Meet Our


As our slogan says, Rolda is 'Approved by Barbers'. Meet our team of Professional Rolda Ambassadors, each involved in the development and testing of Rolda products.

Each with their own inspiring stories filled with humble beginnings, hardships, and success, these professionals have impacted the barbering industry and many lives alone the way.

Rolda USA HQ

3408 West 84th Street

Suite #100

Miami, Florida 33018

Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm