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Rolda Cosmetics - Mens Grooming & Care manufactures the best mens shaving products for sensitive skin thanks to the 30 years of experience we have in the professional beauty & cosmetics industry and personal mens grooming & care. Rolda's mens & barber shaving gels, shaving cream, & after shave cologne spray have their own specialized formulas with active ingredients such as ginseng extract for skin, pro-vitamin B5, aloe vera extract, pilsen beer extract, and hemp oil extarct for face. Each help hydrate & moisturize skin, fight razor burns or nicks and add a masculine scent to your daily shaving routine.

Our mens shaving line includes during shave and post shave products for a mess free experience. Use any of the shaving gels vs shaving cream for a completely smooth shave, providing a proterctive layer on the skin reducing the chances of cuts, nicks, or razor burns. Try one of our many after hsvae cologne sprays tonics for men each with its very own sophistatced, cologne-like, masculine fragrance that will leave you smelling great & feeling refreshed.