Rolda - Barber Twist Sponge Brush for Hair

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Take control of your curls with our Rolda Barber Twist Sponge Brush for Hair, designed for 4A to 4C hair types. This twist sponge works best on short and slightly damp hair, creating defined twists and preventing breakage. Available in two variants - flat (one-sided) and pointed (double-sided), this sponge brush is versatile and allows you to achieve different textures of curls or twists.

The Dual-sided Hair Twist Sponge is perfect for adding volume to short hair. One side has tiny holes for achieving very defined curls, while the other has spikes for a more rugged look. Works best on slightly damp hair and with styling products such as gel, this sponge brush defines curls and twists, giving you thicker and fuller hair. Take your hair styling to the next level with the Rolda Barber Twist Sponge Brush for Hair.


• Defines curls
• Increases Volume
• Thicker & Fuller Hair
• Defines Twists
• Dual Sided


1.Ensure to start with detangled moisturized, slightly damp hair.
2. Follow up by brushing the hair with a wide-bristle brush to take out any of your hair's natural curl definition. Now, it's time to put Rolda Barber Twist Hair Sponge Brush to work.
3.You'll want to go in the same circular direction all over your head gently for 1-5mins minutes or until you have your desired look. Be sure not to press down too harshly, as that might cause the hair to break.