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New Rolda Face Masks


As we work together to protect our health and those of our clients, having a quality facemask is essential to help stop the spread of infections. Our face masks are both stylish and functional for barbers and clients alike.

  • External Material: White Antifluid Fabric, color sublimated
  • Inner Material: Surgical Fabric
  • 100% Washable
  • Handmade in Colombia
  • Size: Adult one-size
  • 100% polyester

These face masks do not offer any warranty, explicit or implicit, that the face mask prevents infections or the transmission of viruses or diseases. These face masks are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Face masks do not provide antimicrobial, antibacterial, or antiviral protection to the user. These facial masks are intended as a garment designer and to be used as each user sees fit but implies without medical protection. These masks facials do not provide particulate filtration. You should always consult a professional medical or health provider if you have specific questions on any medical matter. Due to the safety and health precautions of COVID-19, we will not accept returns/exchanges for any of our face masks, face shields, or other worn accessories. All masks and accessories are final sales.

Free shipping is applied to all U.S. orders over $40.

Please note that any orders that include at least a single unit of our hairsprays are required to travel by ground shipping due to air regulations.

Regarding Covid 19

The global pandemic continues to place unpredictable pressures on the global market. While we continue to send you the highest quality products as fast as we can, please have patience with us as we endure possible shipping delays that are beyond our control and that of the delivery services who serve us.

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